4 Reasons Why You Should Distribute Your Conference Proceedings Online

Until now you’ve had to rely on print or “electronic” formats like DVD or USB to distribute proceedings. These formats can be expensive, hard to carry or just plain inconvenient. Citengine eliminates these problems by providing a platform for distributing conference proceedings online.

More Secure & User Friendly

An excellent alternative to USB drives and DVDs

  • Is accessible on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Keeps paper access secure, protecting your intellectual property
  • Promotes your organization and event’s authors through search indexing
  • Offers visitor behavior and activity analytics

Integrated With Your Publishing Workflow

We designed Citengine in cooperation with one of the world’s largest professional associations. We understand the needs of both the technical conference organizer and the scientific community. Event coordination is already a challenge. That’s why we don’t ask users to do ANYTHING different.

Simply put us in contact with your proceedings print vendor and we’ll take it from there.

Up & Running, Fast

We can have your branded website up and running with all of your proceedings in just a few days. Each conference has a unique URL that you can use to promote through email, your website and social media.

Accommodates Events Of All Sizes

500 papers or 5,000 papers, it doesn’t matter. Citengine was built using the latest technologies and utilizes a content devliery network (CDN) to ensure your attendees get their conference proceedings when and where they want them.