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Citengine is an easy to use conference app

Start by adding a link from your conference website to your Citengine event landing page. (See a sample conference here!) If you don’t have a website, don’t worry. We’ll provide you with an easy to remember URL to give to attendees.

When visitors arrive at your custom site, they’ll see the conference program at a glance. There, they can easily search for sessions by:

  • Topic
  • Theme
  • Date and time

Citengine also helps attendees manage their schedules. Using the app, they can select sessions that are of interest and add them to their calendar in just a couple of clicks. No more missing presentations. (It works on mobile devices, too!)

Searching, Browsing and Downloading Conference Proceedings

We index all the proceedings for your event so they are searchable. To find a paper, users just type a topic, paper title or author name into Citengine’s search tool.

If they prefer to browse through all papers, they can choose to view by topic, author or title to see a complete listing. Browsing the listings is easy to do using A-Z groupings, linked topics and author names. Users can see every paper by an author or topic in just one click.

Detailed Information about Papers

Every paper has its own unique landing page that includes:

  • Paper Title
  • All authors
  • An abstract of the paper
  • Session details
  • Keyword information
  • Link to download paper

Citengine also provides each author with their own landing page that lists all of his or her papers being presented at the conference.

Very soon video abstracts and commenting features will be available on Citengine too.

Citengine is Secure

Finally, you can rest assured knowing all your proceedings are secure. Only attendees with a valid registration code can download papers. Options to download all papers from your event are also available.

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