Distribute Your Conference Proceedings with Citengine


Improved Event Experience

On-the-go access to proceedings

Registered attendees can access and download papers anytime with their phone, tablet or laptop. Your proceedings are fully indexed and searchable by topic, author, title and more.

No need to do things differently

We engineered our platform to fit seamlessly into a typical conference paper publishing workflow – you don’t have to change a thing! We only need PDF versions of papers and a file with paper data and we’re off and running. If you use Cvent our download access is integrated with their Online Registration Software.

Short lead time

Once we receive digital versions of the papers and author information, your proceedings site will be online and ready for attendees in a few short days.


Enhanced Marketing

Market your upcoming events

Promote sessions, papers and authors weeks before the event so attendees can make the most of your conference. Attendees can add events to their calendar, tailoring their schedule around topics that interest them the most.

Promote your organization

The world of academic conferences is extremely competitive. Harness the power of Google to drive awareness of your conference, field of interest and your authors. Citengine is optimized for search engines to crawl and index your content – multiplying your reach.

Boost advertising revenue

Are your event sponsors looking for more promotional opportunities? Citengine accommodates industry standard ad sizes so your conference proceedings site can generate extra revenue.


Security & Technology

Protect intellectual property

Control access to your papers online. Citengine limits downloads of conference proceedings to registered conference attendees via integration with Online Registration Software by Cvent.

User activity reporting

Curious to know what papers attendees are downloading the most? Which topics are the most popular? With industry standard analytics tracking, you’ll learn these answers and more to improve future conferences.

Online for a year

Our data indicates that roughly 60% of web traffic to your conference proceedings site occurs between 3 and 12 months after the conference concludes. Our solution keeps your conference proceedings online up to a year after the live event.


Financial Benefits

Reduce spend

DVDs and USB distribution can be expensive, even up to $25 per attendee. They take time to distribute, and aren’t compatible with today’s technology. Citengine offers universal, on-demand access for any device to your papers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Straightforward pricing

Planning conferences is hard enough, so our pricing is simple. We charge a flat fee for the first 500 attendees, and a fixed per-attendee fee after that. Everything about Citengine is easy, including the pricing.


Our flexible system is extremely customizable, allowing us to meet your needs at a competitive price. Need something that isn’t part of the standard plan? Contact us and we’ll build you a solution.