Combined Robotic-Aided Gait Training and 3D Gait Analysis Provide Objective Treatment and Assessment of Gait in Children and Adolescents with Acquired Hemiplegia

Molteni, Erika ;   Beretta, Elena ;   Altomonte, Daniele ;   Formica, Francesca ;   Strazzer, Sandra

Tags Rehabilitation – LocomotionRehabilitation – Traumatic brain injuryRehabilitation – Robotics

To evaluate the feasibility of a fully objective rehabilitative and assessment process of the gait abilities in children suffering from Acquired…

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FNIRS Measure of Transitive and Intransitive Gesture Execution, Observation and Imagination in Ecological Setting: A Pilot Study

Vanutelli, Maria Elide ;   Cortesi, Livia ;   Molteni, Erika ;   Balconi, Michela

Tags Motor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsBrain physiology and modeling – Sensory-motorBrain functional imaging – NIR

To explore the presence of differential cortical hemodynamic activations related to cognitive components of actions, we performed a fNIRS…

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Pilot Study of the Cortical Correlates and Clinical Effects of Passive Ankle Mobilisation in Children with Upper Motorneuron Lesions

Garavaglia, Lorenzo ;   Molteni, Erika ;   Beretta, Elena ;   Vassena, Elena ;   Strazzer, Sandra ;   Pittaccio, Simone

Tags Neurological disorders – Treatment methodologiesNeural signals – Blind source separation (PCA, ICA, etc.)Rehabilitation – Wearable systems

Upper motoreuron lesions (UML) affects people of all ages and conditions and is a major cause of disability in the young. Whereas active…

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