Does the Global Temporal Activation Differ in Triceps Surae during Standing Balance?

Vieira dos Anjos, Fabio ;   Fontanella, Flavia ;   Gazzoni, Marco ;   Vieira, Taian

Tags Neuromuscular systems – Postural and balanceNeuromuscular systems – EMG processing and applicationsMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

One of the most important muscular groups which contribute to maintain standing balance is triceps surae. However, it is unclear whether the…

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Recruitment Thresholds of Electrically Elicited MUs in the Dominant and Nondominant Biceps Brachii Muscle: Preliminary Results

Peixoto Pinto, Talita ;   Botter, Alberto ;   Vieira dos Anjos, Fabio ;   Vieira, Taian

Tags Neural stimulation – Peripheral & spinalNeuromuscular systems – Peripheral mechanisms

Motor units (MUs) recruitment thresholds of biceps brachii were investigated in dominant and nondominant arms. Results showed that the MU…

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