A Fast Stimulability Screening Protocol for Neuronal Cultures on Microelectrode Arrays

Kapucu, Fikret Emre ;   Tanskanen, Jarno M. A. ;   Yuting, Yuan ;   Hyttinen, Jari

Tags Neural stimulation

Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) are used to study the electrical activity in brain slices and neuronal cultures. MEA experiments for the analysis…

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Quantifying in Vivo and in Vitro Neuronal Bursts by an Automatized Adaptive Burst Detection Algorithm and Entropy Measures

Kapucu, Fikret Emre ;   Mikkonen, Jarno Eelis ;   Tanskanen, Jarno M. A. ;   Hyttinen, Jari

Tags Neural signal processingNeural signals – Spectral analysis

In this paper, we propose employing entropy values to quantify action potential bursts in electrophysiological measurements from the brain and…

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