Effects of Electrode Size and Spacing on Sensory Modalities in the Phantom Thumb Perception Area for the Forearm Amputees

Li, Peng ;   Chai, Guohong ;   Zhu, Kaihua ;   Lan, Ning ;   Sui, Xiaohong

Tags Neural stimulationRehabilitationSensory neuroprostheses

Tactile sensory feedback plays a key role in accomplishing the dexterous manipulation of prosthetic hands for the amputees, and the…

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Intrafascicular Carbon Nanotube Wire Electrodes for Chronic Peripheral Nerve Recording

McCallum, Grant ;   Sui, Xiaohong ;   Qiu, Chen ;   Durand, Dominique

Tags Neural interfaces – Implantable systemsMotor neuroprosthesesSensory neuroprostheses

Interfacing with small nerves requires highly compliant and biocompatible electrodes. We tested the hypothesis a wire with low flexural rigidity…

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