Advanced Neuroelectronic Interfaces: 3D Neuronal Cultures and Organic Field Effect Transistors

Spanu, Andrea ;   Tedesco, Mariateresa ;   Bonfiglio, Annalisa ;   Martinoia, Sergio

Tags Neural interfaces – Bioelectric sensorsNeural interfaces – CellularNeural interfaces – Microelectrode technology

We introduce new organic transistor based devices for in-vitro neuroelectronic interfaces and we present new techniques for culturing actual…

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Evaluation of Novel Textile Electrodes for ECG Signals Monitoring based on PEDOT: PSS-Treated Woven Fabrics

Pani, Danilo ;   Dessì, Alessia ;   Gusai, Elisa ;   Saenz-Cogollo, Jose Francisco ;   Barabino, Gianluca ;   Fraboni, Beatrice ;   Bonfiglio, Annalisa

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsPhysiological monitoringSmart textile and clothes

Despite surface electrodes technology for biopotential recording is well established, different researches are aimed at overcoming the…

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Organic FET-Based DNA Hybridization Sensor with Sub-Picomolar Sensitivity

Lai, Stefano ;   Barbaro, Massimo ;   Bonfiglio, Annalisa

Tags Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesBio-nano technologyMicro- and nano-sensors

In this paper, a novel approach for DNA hybridization detection by means of organic field-effect transistors-based biosensors (bioFETs) is…

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