A New Connectivity Toolbox to Infer Topological Features of In-Vitro Neural Networks

Pastore, Vito Paolo ;   Poli, Daniele ;   Martinoia, Sergio ;   Massobrio, Paolo

Tags Neural networks in biosignal processing and classificationPartial and total coherenceConnectivity measurements

A detailed analysis of functional connectivity of in vitro neural networks, as well as the possibility to understand the interplay between…

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Advanced Neuroelectronic Interfaces: 3D Neuronal Cultures and Organic Field Effect Transistors

Spanu, Andrea ;   Tedesco, Mariateresa ;   Bonfiglio, Annalisa ;   Martinoia, Sergio

Tags Neural interfaces – Bioelectric sensorsNeural interfaces – CellularNeural interfaces – Microelectrode technology

We introduce new organic transistor based devices for in-vitro neuroelectronic interfaces and we present new techniques for culturing actual…

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Emergence of Critical Dynamics in Large-Scale in Vitro Cortical Networks

Massobrio, Paolo ;   Pasquale, Valentina ;   Martinoia, Sergio

Tags Neural signals – Nonlinear analysisBrain physiology and modeling – Neural dynamics and computationBrain physiology and modeling – Neural circuits

In vitro neuronal networks coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays (MEAs) represent a valid experimental framework to study neuronal dynamics….

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