An EEG-Driven Lower Limb Rehabilitation Training System for Active and Passive Co-Stimulation

Zhang, Xin ;   Xu, Guanghua ;   Xie, Jun ;   Li, Min ;   Pei, Wei ;   Zhang, Jinhua

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceRehabilitation – Virtual realityRehabilitation – Robotics

With the advent of an aging society, stroke makes a heavy burden for our society. Stroke can damage the motor and sensory neural system…

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Measuring Cervical Vertebra Movements using Kinect Sensor

Ma, Xiaolong ;   Xu, Guanghua ;   Li, Min ;   Xie, Jun ;   Chen, longting ;   Pei, Wei

Tags Multivariate signal processingBiomedical simulation involving signal processing

The incidence of cervical vertebra spondylosis is increasing with the pace of life while there is no high-efficient measurement method. This…

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