Effects of Contralateral Acoustic Stimulation on Otoacoustic Emissions Induced by Swept Tones

Chen, Shixiong ;   Jin, Yanbing ;   Xu, Lisheng ;   Li, Guanglin

Tags Adaptive filteringTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

The medial olivocochlear complex (MOC) is an auditory nucleus that projects efferent nerve fibers to control the behaviors of both sides of…

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Spatially Distributed Sequential Array Stimulation of Tibial Anterior Muscle for Foot Drop Correction

Zhou, Hui ;   Wang, Yingying ;   Chen, Wanzhen ;   Zhang, NanXin ;   Krundel, Ludovic ;   Li, Guanglin

Tags Neural stimulationRehabilitation – MusculoskeletalRehabilitation – Stroke

Electrode arrays for the ease of electrode placement in the correction of foot drop with surface electrical stimulation have been developed…

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Towards Determining the Afferent Sites of Perception Feedback on Residual Arms of Amputees with Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation

Wang, Hui ;   Fang, Peng ;   Tian, Lan ;   Zheng, Yue ;   Zhou, Hui ;   Li, Guanglin ;   Zhang, Xiufeng

Tags Sensory neuroprosthesesMotor neuroprostheses – Neuromuscular stimulationNeural interfaces – Stimulator technology

The coordination and combination of motion and sensation are critical to realize a natural and precise control of prosthetic hands….

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