Optogenetic Control of Thalamus as a Tool for Interrupting Penicillin Induced Seizures

Han, Yechao ;   Ma, Feiqiang ;   Wang, Yueming ;   Li, Hongbao ;   Xu, Kedi

Tags Neurological disorders – EpilepsyNeural stimulation – Deep brainNeurological disorders

Penicillin epilepsy model, in term of epilepsy research, is one of the most useful acute experimental generalized epilepsy models. Though…

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Prediction of Switching Time between Movement Preparation and Execution by Neural Activity in Monkey Premotor Cortex

Li, Hongbao ;   Liao, Yuxi ;   Wang, Yiwen ;   Zhang, Qiaosheng ;   Zhang, Shaomin ;   Zheng, Xiaoxiang

Tags Biomedical signal classificationNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

Premotor cortex is a higher level cortex than primary motor cortex in movement controlling hierarchy, which contributes to the motor…

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