3D Axonal Network Coupled to Microelectrode Arrays: A Simulation Model to Study Neuronal Dynamics

Appali, Revathi ;   Sriperumbudur, Kiran K ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Brain physiology and modeling – Neuron modeling and simulationNeural interfaces – Tissue-electrode interface

Action Potentials in a neuron are generated and propagated by exchange of ions through the membrane. The model of Hodgkin and Huxley (HH)…

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An Implementation for the Bio-Chemo-Mechanical Model of Cell Contractility

Truong, Duy Thanh ;   Nebe, Barbara ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Cell modelingBiomechanics modelingModeling of biomolecular system dynamics

There have been numerous studies that examine the mechanical interaction between cells and their underlying substrates in terms of both…

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Modeling and Simulation of Platelet Reaction and Diffusion towards an Electro-Stimulating Dental Implant

Delenda, Bachir ;   Bader, Rainer ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags GalvanotaxisOsseointegrationElectrical fields in tissue regeneration

Electrical stimulation (ES) has been used clinically to promote bone ingrowth on implant surface. The osseointegration of biomaterials in bone…

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Partial Anisotropy in an Anatomically Realistic Volume Conductor Model of Deep Brain Stimulation in the Hemiparkinsonian Rat

B√∂hme, Andrea ;   Schmidt, Christian ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Neural stimulation – Deep brain

Description of the development of a heterogeneous and partial anisotropic volume conductor model for the simulation of deep brain stimulation…

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Signal Initiation Sites on Spiral Ganglion Cells: A Simulation Study

Sriperumbudur, Kiran K ;   Hans, Wilhelm Pau ;   Robert, Mlynski ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Physiological systemsAdvances in theory of biological networksStructural bioinformatics

The prime function of cochlear implants (CI) is the initiation of action potential (AP) signals in the auditory nerve by the electric stimulation…

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The Impact of Bone Microstructure on the Field Distribution of Electrostimulative Implants

Zimmermann, Ulf ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Electrical fields in tissue regenerationOsseointegration

Since the 1980s several methods of electrostimulative techniques have been developed to accelerate bone regeneration during orthopedic…

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