An Eight-Legged Tactile Sensor to Estimate Coefficient of Static Friction

Chen, Wei ;   Rodpongpun, Sura ;   Luo, William ;   Isaacson, Nathan ;   Kark, Lauren ;   Khamis, Heba ;   Redmond, Stephen James

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsNew sensing techniques

It is well known that a tangential force larger than the maximum static friction force is required to initiate the sliding motion between two…

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Concurrent Multibody and Finite Element Analysis of the Lower-Limb during Amputee Running

Rigney, Stacey Mary ;   Simmons, Anne ;   Kark, Lauren

Tags Modeling and simulation in biomechanics : prostheticsNew technologies and methodologies in human movement analysisMultiscale biomechanics

Carbon fiber Energy Storage and Return (ESAR) prostheses have been developed for use by lower-limb amputee athletes during high impact…

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Instrumented and Interactive Limb Models for Biomechanics Education: An Assessment of Efficacy and Engagement

Sulas, Romina ;   Liem, Nicholas ;   Kark, Lauren

Tags Instruction and learningBME undergraduate research

Custom anatomical and instrumented models of the human arm and leg were designed and manufactured to complement the teaching of…

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Measuring Gait in Older Adults using a Single Ankle-Worn Inertial Sensor

Wang, Kejia ;   Del Rosario, Michael Benjamin ;   Hirth, Sylvain ;   Delbaere, Kim ;   Brodie, Matthew Andrew Dalhousie ;   Lovell, Nigel H. ;   Kark, Lauren ;   Lord, Stephen ;   Redmond, Stephen James

Tags Technologies for detecting, managing and preventing fallsInnovations in active ageing

This work describes the use of an ankle-worn inertial sensor to estimate the ankle trajectory through space during walking by integrating…

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