Modulation of Inter-Hemispheric Asymmetry of Motor-Related Brain Activity using Brain-Computer Interfaces

Pereira, Michael ;   Sobolewski, Aleksander ;   Millán, José del R.

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceRehabilitationNeurological disorders – Stroke

Non-invasive brain stimulation has shown promising results in neurorehabilitation for motor-impaired stroke patients, by rebalancing the…

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Monitoring Mental Workload and Position Errors for Rehabilitation with Haptic Device and Virtual Reality

D’Andrea, Antonio ;   Tonin, Luca ;   Pereira, Michael ;   Millán, José del R. ;   Oboe, Roberto ;   Reggiani, Monica

Tags Rehabilitation – Virtual realityBrain functional imaging – EEGRehabilitation – Robotics

In this work we combine electroencephalography (EEG) signals analysis and a rehabilitation device using haptic and virtual reality to assess…

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