EEG Classification of Emotions using Emotion-Specific Brain Functional Network

Gonuguntla, Venkateswarlu ;   Shafiq, Ghufran ;   Wang, Yubo ;   Veluvolu, Kalyana C.

Tags Connectivity measurementsBiomedical signal classificationTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

The brain functional network perspective forms the basis to relate mechanisms of brain functions. This work analyzes the network mechanisms…

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Spatial Filter and Feature Selection Optimization based on EA for Multi-Channel EEG

Wang, Yubo ;   Mohanarangam, Krithikaa ;   Mallipeddi, Rammohan ;   Veluvolu, Kalyana C.

Tags Brain-computer/machine interface

The EEG signals employed for BCI systems are generally band-limited. The band-limited multiple Fourier linear combiner (BMFLC) with Kalman filter…

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