A Comparison between Block and Smooth Modeling in Finite Element Simulations of TDCS

Indahlastari, Aprinda ;   Sadleir, Rosalind

Tags Neural stimulation – Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)Brain functional imaging – SegmentationBrain physiology and modeling

Current density distributions in five selected structures, namely, anterior superior temporal gyrus (ASTG), hippocampus (HIP), inferior frontal…

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Analysis of Bipolar External Excitation of Spherical Tissue by Spatially Opposed Current Source and Sink Points

Schwartz, Benjamin ;   Sadleir, Rosalind

Tags Physiological systemsIonic modelingInverse problems in biology

The recently increasing role in medical imaging that electrophysiology plays has spurned the need for its quantitative analysis at all scales –…

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External Current Application in a Bidomain Model of Active Neural Tissue

Keim, Steven ;   Fu, Fanrui ;   Sadleir, Rosalind

Tags Ionic modelingInverse problems in biologyMultiscale modeling

The formal treatment of tissue as two coupled continua is referred to as a bidomain model. Bidomain models have recently been used to…

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