Mechanisms of EMG Biofeedback for Neuro-Rehabilitation

Sanger, Terence David

Tags Neural interfaces – Bioelectric sensorsSensory neuroprostheses – SomatosensoryRehabilitation – Wearable systems

I investigate the theoretical mechanisms by which tactile biofeedback of electromyographic activity may have beneficial effects for children…

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Muscle Synergies in Children with Dystonia Capture "Healthy" Patterns Regardless the Altered Motor Performance

Lunardini, Francesca ;   Casellato, Claudia ;   Bertucco, Matteo ;   Sanger, Terence David ;   Pedrocchi, Alessandra

Tags Neuromuscular systems – EMG processing and applicationsNeurological disordersNeuromuscular systems – EMG models

Muscle synergies are hypothesized to represent motor modules recruited by the nervous system to flexibly perform subtasks necessary to…

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