Comparison of an Expert and Non-Experts in Standing up Guidance

Tamei, Tomoya ;   Shibata, Tomohiro ;   Ikeda, Kazushi

Tags Dynamics in musculoskeletal biomechanicsModeling and simulation in musculoskeletal biomechanicsBiomechanics and robotics: clinical evaluation in rehabilitation and orthopedics

To elucidate skilled standing-up guidance from a chair for elderly and disabled people, this paper analyzes standing up motion of a healthy…

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Modeling Dynamic High-DOF Finger Postures from Surface EMG using Nonlinear Synergies in Latent Space Representation

Ngeo, Jimson ;   Tamei, Tomoya ;   Ikeda, Kazushi ;   Shibata, Tomohiro

Tags Neuromuscular systems – EMG processing and applicationsNeuromuscular systems – EMG models

Accurate proportional myoelectric control of the hand is important in replicating dexterous manipulation in robot prostheses and orthoses….

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