Comparison of Foam-Based and Spring-Loaded Dry EEG Electrodes with Wet Electrodes in Resting and Moving Conditions

Yeung, Arnold ;   Garudadri, Harinath ;   Van Toen, Carolyn ;   Mercier, Patrick P. ;   Balkan, Ozgur ;   Makeig, Scott ;   Virji-Babul, Naznin

Tags Neural interfaces – Bioelectric sensorsRehabilitation – Wearable systemsHuman performance – Activities of daily living

The introduction of dry electrodes for EEG measurements has opened up possibilities of recording EEG outside of standard clinical…

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Magnetic Human Body Communication

Park, Jiwoong ;   Mercier, Patrick P.

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsLow power, wireless sensing methodsWearable systems

This paper presents a new human body communication (HBC) technique that employs magnetic resonance for data transfer in wireless body-area…

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