Application of SOBI for Noise Reduction of Rat Magnetocardiograms

Higano, Sho ;   Yasuda, Shotaro ;   Ishiyama, Atsushi ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Hatsukade, Yoshimi

Tags Cardiovascular signal processing

The high-temperature superconductor (HTS) superconducting quantum interface device (SQUID) was used to measure magnetocardiograms (MCGs)…

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Detection of Change in Time-Course of Cortical Connectivity during Short-Term Memory Test

Kikuchi, Ryo ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Yokosawa, Koichi ;   Ishiyama, Atsushi

Tags Phase locking estimation in biosignal analysisConnectivity measurementsPrincipal component analysis

The cortical connectivity was studied using magnetoencephalography (MEG) in a modified version of the visual Sternberg paradigm. A combined…

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Determination of Appropriate Imagery Task to Discriminate ERD of "Pinch" and "Hold" Movements in Healthy Participants and Stroke Patients

Matsubara, Miku ;   Kayanuma, Hidenori ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Omatsu, Satoko ;   Tominaga, Takanori

Tags Rehabilitation – StrokeNeural signals – Time-frequency analysisBrain functional imaging – EEG

Using video clips of hand movement to facilitate motor imagery and evoke strong ERD, we investigated the appropriate imagery task to…

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Evaluation of Performance to Detect Default Mode Network Among Some Algorithms Applied to Resting-State FMRI Data

Tachikawa, Kenta ;   Izawa, Shun ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Kuriki, Shinya ;   Ishiyama, Atsushi

Tags MR neuroimagingFunctional image analysis

Significant correlation exists in the blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) signals of resting-state fMRI across different regions in the brain….

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Magnetocardiograms Early Detection of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension using Inverse Problem Analysis in Rat Model

Yasuda, Shotaro ;   Higano, Sho ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Ishiyama, Atsushi ;   Minamisawa, Susumu ;   Kajimura, Ichige

Tags Inverse problems in cardiac electrophysiology

Utilizing small animal magnetocardiography (MCG), we have developed a diagnostic method to detect the development of pulmonary hypertension…

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