A Comparison of Classification based Confidence Metrics for use in the Design of Myoelectric Control Systems

Scheme, Erik ;   Englehart, Kevin

Tags Biomedical signal classificationBiomedical simulation involving signal processingPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignals

In many pattern recognition applications, confidence scores are used to extract more information than discrete class membership alone, yet…

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Classification of Hand and Wrist Tasks of Unknown Force Levels using Muscle Synergies

Atoufi, Bahareh ;   Kamavuako, Ernest Nlandu ;   Hudgins, Bernard ;   Englehart, Kevin

Tags Motor neuroprostheses – ProsthesesRehabilitation – MusculoskeletalNeuromuscular systems – EMG processing and applications

Muscle synergies have been proposed as a way for the central nervous system (CNS) to simplify the generation of motor commands and they…

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