Fiber Size-Selective Stimulation using Action Potential Filtering for a Peripheral Nerve Interface: A Simulation Study

Rapeaux, Adrien ;   Nikolic, Konstantin ;   Williams, Ian ;   Eftekhar, Amir ;   Constandinou, Timothy

Tags Neural stimulationNeural interfaces – Stimulator technologyNeuromuscular systems – Computational modeling

Functional electrical stimulation is a powerful tool for restoration of function after nerve injury. However selectivity of stimulation remains…

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Motion Sensitivity Analysis of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Mouse Retina using Natural Visual Stimuli

Wadehn, Federico ;   Schieban, Konrad ;   Nikolic, Konstantin

Tags Sensory neuroprostheses – Signal and vision processingSensory neuroprostheses – VisualNeural signal processing

One of the major objectives in functional studies of the retina is the understanding of neural circuits and identification of the function of…

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