Analysis of EEG Variables to Measure the Affective Dimensions of Arousal and Valence Related to the Vision of Emotional Pictures

Vecchiato, Giovanni ;   Gaeta, Giuliano ;   Susac, Ana ;   Supek, Selma ;   Babiloni, Fabio

Tags Brain physiology and modeling – Cognition, memory, perceptionNeural signals – Spectral analysisHuman performance – Cognition

The present work aims to investigate the electroencephalographic (EEG) activity elicited by the observation of emotional pictures selected…

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Avionic Technology Testing by using a Cognitive Neurometric Index: A Study with Professional Helicopter Pilots

Borghini, Gianluca ;   Arico, Pietro ;   Di Flumeri, Gianluca ;   Salinari, Serenella ;   Colosimo, Alfredo ;   Bonelli, Stefano ;   Napoletano, Linda ;   Ferreira, Ana ;   Babiloni, Fabio

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsSignal processing in physiological systems

In this study, we investigated the possibility to evaluate the impact of different avionic technologies on the mental workload of helicopter’s…

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Cooperation Driven Coherence: Brains Working Hard Together

Bezerianos, Anastasios ;   Sun, Yu ;   Chen, Yu ;   Wong, Kian Foong ;   Taya, Fumihiko ;   Arico, Pietro ;   Borghini, Gianluca ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Thakor, Nitish

Tags Brain physiology and modeling – Neural dynamics and computationBrain physiology and modeling – Nonlinear couplingHuman performance – Attention and vigilance

The current study aims to look at the difference in coupling of EEG activity of participant pairs while they perform a cooperative,…

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Effect of Inter-Trials Variability on the Estimation of Cortical Connectivity by Partial Directed Coherence

Petti, Manuela ;   Caschera, Stefano ;   Pichiorri, Floriana ;   Toppi, Jlenia ;   Anzolin, Alessandra ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Cincotti, Febo ;   Mattia, Donatella ;   Astolfi, Laura

Tags CausalityConnectivity measurementsDirectionality

Partial Directed Coherence (PDC) is a powerful estimator of effective connectivity. In neuroscience it is used in different applications with…

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Graph Theory in Brain-To-Brain Connectivity: A Simulation Study and an Application to an EEG Hyperscanning Experiment

Toppi, Jlenia ;   Ciaramidaro, Angela ;   Vogel, Pascal ;   Mattia, Donatella ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Siniatchkin, Michael ;   Astolfi, Laura

Tags Connectivity measurementsDirectionalityCausality

Hyperscanning consists in the simultaneous recording of hemodynamic or neuroelectrical signals from two or more subjects acting in a social…

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Investigating the Neural Basis of Empathy by EEG Hyperscanning during a Third Party Punishment

Astolfi, Laura ;   Toppi, Jlenia ;   Mattia, Donatella ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Ciaramidaro, Angela ;   Siniatchkin, Michael

Tags Connectivity measurementsCausalityDirectionality

The recently developed technique of hyperscanning consists of the simultaneous recording of brain activity from multiple subjects involved in…

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Mental Workload Estimations in Unilateral Deafened Children

Cartocci, Giulia ;   Maglione, Anton Giulio ;   Scorpecci, Alessandro ;   Marsella, Pasquale ;   Malerba, Paolo ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Di Flumeri, Gianluca ;   Borghini, Gianluca ;   Aricò, Pietro

Tags Sensory neuroprostheses – AuditoryBrain physiology and modeling – Sensory-motorHuman performance – Fatigue

Despite of technological innovations, noisy environments still constitute a challenging and stressful situation for words recognition by hearing…

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P300 Latency Jitter Occurrence in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness: Toward a Better Design for Brain Computer Interface Applications

Schettini, Francesca ;   Risetti, Monica ;   Arico, Pietro ;   Formisano, Rita ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Mattia, Donatella ;   Cincotti, Febo

Tags Biomedical signal classificationNonlinear filteringSignal processing in physiological systems

In this study the P300 latency jitter has been explored in an EEG data set collected from a group of patients with disorders of…

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Reliability Over Time of EEG-Based Mental Workload Evaluation during Air Traffic Management (ATM) Tasks

Arico, Pietro ;   Borghini, Gianluca ;   Di Flumeri, Gianluca ;   Colosimo, Alfredo ;   Graziani, Ilenia ;   Imbert, Jean-Paul ;   Granger, Geraud ;   Benhacene, Railane ;   Terenzi, Michela ;   Pozzi, Simone ;   Babiloni, Fabio

Tags Biomedical signal classificationBiomedical simulation involving signal processingTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

Machine-learning approaches for mental workload (MW) estimation by using the user brain activity went through a rapid expansion in the last…

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The First Impression is What Matters: A Neuroaesthetic Study of the Cerebral Perception and Appreciation of Paintings by Titian

Babiloni, Francesca ;   Rossi, Dario ;   Picconi, Daniela ;   Vecchiato, Giovanni ;   De Vico Fallani, Fabrizio ;   Chavez, Mario ;   Trettel, Arianna ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Cherubino, Patrizia

Tags Human performance – CognitionHuman performance – Attention and vigilanceHuman performance – Activities of daily living

In this paper we measured the neuroelectrical and the eye-movements activities in a group of 27 healthy subjects during their visit of a fine…

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