Binaural Interaction in Unilateral Cochlear Implant Users: Neural Correlates in Free-Field Single Trial Responses

Schebsdat, Erik ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I. ;   Hessel, Horst ;   Seidler, Harald ;   Bellagnech, Ahmed ;   Rusczyk, Lilian ;   Müller, Oliver ;   Strauss, Daniel J.

Tags Neural signal processingNeural signals – FilteringBrain functional imaging – EEG

Single sided deafness (SSD) is a common problem and only recently treated by cochlear implants (CIs). This is mediating binaural interaction…

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Dysfunctional Long Term Habituation to Exogeneous Tinnitus-Matched Sounds in Patients with High Tinnitus Distress

Lehser, Caroline ;   Hannemann, Ronny ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I. ;   Strauss, Daniel J. ;   Haab, Lars ;   Seidler-Fallböhmer, Birgit ;   Seidler, Harald

Tags Phase locking estimation in biosignal analysisTime-scale and waveletsSignal processing in physiological systems

During the last years, the demand of accurate diagnostic tools for individualized tinnitus treatment gradually increased. Today several…

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Evaluation of an Objective Listening Effort Measure in a Selective, Multi-Speaker Listening Task using Different Hearing Aid Settings

Schäfer, Patrick Johannes ;   Serman, Maja ;   Arnold, Mirko ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I. ;   Strauss, Daniel J. ;   Seidler-Fallböhmer, Birgit ;   Seidler, Harald

Tags Rehabilitation – Wearable systemsRehabilitation – Speech & languageBrain functional imaging – EEG

Speaker recognition in a multi-speaker environment is a complex listening task that requires effort to be solved. Especially people with…

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Impact of Monaural Frequency Compression on Binaural Fusion at the Brainstem Level

Klauke, Isabelle ;   Kohl, Manuel ;   Hannemann, Ronny ;   Kornagel, Ulrich ;   Strauss, Daniel J. ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I.

Tags Sensory neuroprostheses – AuditoryBrain functional imaging – EEGBrain functional imaging – Spatial-temporal dynamics

A classical objective measure for binaural fusion at the brainstem level is the so-called beta-wave of the binaural interaction component…

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Motion Reduction and Multidimensional Denoising in Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging

Romero Santiago, Alejandro E. ;   Schwerdtfeger, Karsten ;   Szczygielski, Jacek ;   Flotho, Philipp ;   Schubert, J. Kristof ;   Haab, Lars ;   Hmila, Mehdi ;   Strauss, Daniel J.

Tags Optical neuroimaging

Optical Imaging using Voltage-sensitive Dyes is characterized by low fractional changes in fluorescent light intensity upon the application of a…

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Relating Tribological Stimuli to Somatosensory Electroencephalographic Responses

Oezguen, Novaf ;   Bennewitz, Roland ;   Strauss, Daniel J. ;   Schubert, J. Kristof ;   Bergmann, Ronny

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsPhase locking estimation in biosignal analysis

The present study deals with the extraction of neural correlates evoked by tactile stimulation of the human fingertip. A reciprocal sliding…

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Towards the Assessment of Listening Effort in Real Life Situations: Mobile EEG Recordings in a Multimodal Driving Situation

Damian, Angela ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I. ;   Hannemann, Ronny ;   Strauss, Daniel J.

Tags Time-scale and waveletsPhase locking estimation in biosignal analysis

The EEG estimation of listening effort has been proven to efficiently map subjectively perceived effort on an objective scale. However, it…

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