Discriminating Patterns of Neuronal Activity by Self Organization Map with Fuzzy Sets

Minoshima, Wataru ;   Ito, Hidekatsu ;   Kudoh, Suguru

Tags Fuzzy approaches to signal pattern classificationNeural networks in biosignal processing and classificationBiomedical signal classification

Recently, neuronal prosthesis is focused, especially represented at the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). To decode neuronal signals…

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Heuristic BCI using Learning-Based Fuzzy Label Template

Oda, Teruo ;   Kudoh, Suguru

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceBrain functional imaging – ClassificationNeural signals – Filtering

Generally, BCI utilizes limited EEG feature of specific frequency band and measurement position, to control connected devices. However, this…

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Neurorobot System "Vitroid" as a Model for Small Brain Circuit

Kudoh, Suguru ;   Minoshima, Wataru ;   Ito, Hidekatsu

Tags Brain physiology and modeling – Neural circuitsMotor neuroprostheses – ProsthesesNeural interfaces – Microelectrode technology

Toward neuroprosthetic technology, a simple model system for interaction between brain circuit and outer environment is required. For this…

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Relationship between Inter-Stimulus-Intervals and Intervals of Autonomous Activities in a Neuronal Network

Ito, Hidekatsu ;   Minoshima, Wataru ;   Kudoh, Suguru

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

To investigate relationships between neuronal network activity and electrical stimulus, we analyzed autonomous activity before and after…

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