Anesthesia Effect on Single Local Field Potentials Variability in Rat Barrel Cortex: Preliminary Results

Cecchetto, Claudia ;   Mahmud, Mufti ;   Vassanelli, Stefano

Tags Brain physiology and modelingNeural signals – CodingBrain physiology and modeling – Anesthesia

The rat barrel cortex is a widely used model of information processing in the somatosensory area, thanks to its precise and easily…

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Automated Analysis of Local Field Potentials Evoked by Mechanical Whisker Stimulation in Rat Barrel Cortex

Rubega, Maria ;   Cecchetto, Claudia ;   Vassanelli, Stefano ;   Sparacino, Giovanni

Tags Signal processing in physiological systems

Local field potentials (LFPs) recorded in the barrel cortex in rats and mice are important to investigate somatosensory systems, the final…

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