Application of Higher-Order Spectral Analysis to Local Field Potentials Recorded in Patients Treated with Deep Brain Stimulation

Marceglia, Sara ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Guglielmo, Foffani ;   Priori, Alberto ;   Cerutti, Sergio

Tags Neural signal processingNeural signals – Spectral analysisNeural signals – Nonlinear analysis

Local field potentials (LFPs) recorded from implanted deep brain electrodes demonstrated the oscillatory nature of human basal ganglia. LFP…

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Can Home-Monitoring of Sleep Predict Depressive Episodes in Bipolar Patients?

Migliorini, Matteo ;   Mariani, Sara ;   Bertschy, Gilles ;   Kosel, Markus ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignals

The aim of this study is the evaluation of the autonomic regulations during depressive stages in bipolar patients in order to test new…

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Clusters of Mu Rhythm from EEG Data: A Comparative Study between 61 and 19 Channel Datasets

Tacchino, Giulia ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria

Tags Independent component analysisTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsSignal processing in physiological systems

The EEG mu rhythm is a sensorimotor oscillation which is desynchronized by voluntary movement execution. Independent Component Analysis (ICA)…

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Combining Sudomotor Nerve Impulse Estimation with FMRI to Investigate the Central Sympathetic Response to Nausea

Sclocco, Roberta ;   Citi, Luca ;   Garcia, Ronald ;   Cerutti, Sergio ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Kuo, Braden ;   Napadow, Vitaly ;   Barbieri, Riccardo

Tags Brain physiology and modelingBrain functional imaging – fMRIBrain functional imaging – Spatial-temporal dynamics

The skin conductance (SC) signal is one of the most important non-invasive indirect measures of autonomic outflow. Several mathematical…

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Correlation between Autonomous Function and Left Ventricular Performance after Acute Myocardial Infarction

Cabiddu, Ramona ;   Trimer, Renata ;   Italiano Monteiro, Clara ;   Borghi-Silva, Audrey ;   Trimer, Vitor ;   de Carvalho, Paulo ;   Rocha, Teresa ;   Paredes, Simao ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Henriques, Jorge

Tags Complexity in cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory signalsHeart rate variabilityCoronary artery disease

Reduced ejection fraction (EF), possibly induced/mediated by autonomic abnormal activation, is one of the most powerful predictors of adverse…

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EEG-Based Index for Engagement Level Monitoring during Sustained Attention

Coelli, Stefania ;   Sclocco, Roberta ;   Barbieri, Riccardo ;   Reni, Gianluigi ;   Zucca, Claudio ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsNonstationary processing of biomedical signals

This paper investigates the relation between mental engagement level and sustained attention in 9 healthy adults performing a Conners’…

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Investigating Autonomic Correlates of Continuous Pain in the Brainstem through High-Field FMRI

Sclocco, Roberta ;   Beissner, Florian ;   Polimeni, Jonathan ;   Desbordes, Gaelle ;   Wald, Lawrence L. ;   Cerutti, Sergio ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Barbieri, Riccardo ;   Napadow, Vitaly

Tags Brain functional imaging – fMRIBrain physiology and modelingBrain functional imaging – Spatial-temporal dynamics

The brainstem is a fundamental brain structure that includes afferent and efferent pathways and regulatory nuclei. However, it is still poorly…

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Recent Developments in Heart Rate Variability Analysis during Sleep

Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Mendez, Martin Oswaldo ;   Migliorini, Matteo

Tags Cardiovascular consequences of sleep disordersHeart rate variabilitySleep apnea

Heart rate variability (HRV) signal was recently proposed for sleep monitoring with applications to home recordings through innovative devices….

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