A Collaborative Environment for Shared Classification of Neuroimages: The Experience of the Colibri Project

Alloni, Anna ;   Lanzola, Giordano ;   Triulzi, Fabio Maria ;   Bellazzi, Riccardo ;   Reni, Gianluigi

Tags MR neuroimagingImage classificationBrain image analysis

The Colibri project is introduced, whose aim is setting up a shared database of Magnetic Resonance images concerning pediatric patients…

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An Ecological Evaluation of the Metabolic Benefits Due to Robot-Assisted Gait Training

Peri, Elisabetta ;   Biffi, Emilia ;   Cristina, Maghini ;   Marzorati, Mauro ;   Diella, Eleonora ;   Pedrocchi, Alessandra ;   Turconi, Anna Carla ;   Reni, Gianluigi

Tags Biomechanics and robotics: clinical evaluation in rehabilitation and orthopedicsNew technologies and methodologies in human movement analysis

Cerebral palsy (CP), one of the most common neurological disorders in childhood, features affected individual’s motor skills and muscle actions….

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EEG-Based Index for Engagement Level Monitoring during Sustained Attention

Coelli, Stefania ;   Sclocco, Roberta ;   Barbieri, Riccardo ;   Reni, Gianluigi ;   Zucca, Claudio ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsNonstationary processing of biomedical signals

This paper investigates the relation between mental engagement level and sustained attention in 9 healthy adults performing a Conners’…

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Gait Rehabilitation with a High Tech Platform based on Virtual Reality Conveys Improvements in Walking Ability of Children Suffering from Acquired Brain Injury

Biffi, Emilia ;   Beretta, Elena ;   Diella, Eleonora ;   Panzeri, Daniele ;   Cristina, Maghini ;   Turconi, Anna Carla ;   Strazzer, Sandra ;   Reni, Gianluigi

Tags Rehabilitation – Virtual realityRehabilitation – Traumatic brain injuryRehabilitation – Locomotion

The Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Lab (GRAIL) is an instrumented multi-sensor platform based on immersive virtual reality for gait…

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