Reducing the Dimensionality of Brain Signal using Graph based Filtering

Liu, Rui ;   Nejati, Hossein ;   Cheung, Ngai-Man

Tags Nonlinear filteringPrincipal component analysisNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

We here introduce Graph Based Filtering (GBF) for dimensionality reduction of brain imaging data. Compared with standard spectral technique…

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Towards Perception Awareness: Perceptual Event Detection for Brain Computer Interfaces

Nejati, Hossein ;   Tsourides, Kleovoulos (Leo) ;   Pomponiu, Victor ;   Ehrenberg, Evan C. ;   Cheung, Ngai-Man ;   Sinha, Pawan

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signal processingNeural signals – Detection of transient events

Brain computer interface (BCI) technology is becoming increasingly popular in many domains such as entertainment, mental state analysis, and…

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