Distribution Learning within Boundaries

shah, Amit ;   Patton, James (Jim)

Tags Neural control of movement and robotics applicationsHaptic interfacesDesign and development of robots for human-robot interaction

This paper presents a novel and simple model of motor control that only uses a memory of negative experiences to formulate a motor plan. We…

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Multivariate Outcomes in a Three Week Bimanual Self-Telerehabilitation with Error Augmentation Post-Stroke

Abdel Majeed, Yazan ;   Abdollahi, Farnaz ;   Patton, James (Jim)

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation – RoboticsRehabilitation – Virtual reality

We present the outcomes of a study on stroke patients in a 3-week intervention of bimanual self-telerehabilitation. This training is similar to…

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