Dealing with Instability in Bimanual and Collaborative Tasks

De Santis, Dalia ;   Avila Mireles, Edwin Johnatan ;   Squeri, Valentina ;   Morasso, Pietro ;   Zenzeri, Jacopo

Tags Neural control of movement and robotics applicationsDesign and development of robots for human-robot interactionHuman machine interfaces and robotics applications

In the context of unstable tasks, whenever the dynamics of the interaction are unknown, our ability to control an object depends on the…

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Haptically Induced EMG Patterns for Upper Limb Neuromuscular Evaluation

Avila Mireles, Edwin Johnatan ;   Ruiz-Sanchez, Francisco Jose ;   GarcĂ­a Salazar, Octavio

Tags Neuromuscular systems – EMG processing and applicationsRehabilitation – RoboticsHuman performance – Engineering

In this paper, we present the upper-limb sEMG signals induced by a kinesthetic stimulation, provided by a haptic device in a guiding mode, with…

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Motor Control Strategies in the Bimanual Stabilization of an Unstable Virtual Tool

Avila Mireles, Edwin Johnatan ;   De Santis, Dalia ;   Squeri, Valentina ;   Morasso, Pietro ;   Zenzeri, Jacopo

Tags Motor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsNeuromuscular systems – EMG processing and applicationsNeuromuscular systems – Learning and adaption

Previous works have shown that, when dealing with instabilities in a bimanual manipulation paradigm, humans modulate the stiffness of the arms…

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