A Miniaturized Electrolytic Pump Sensorized with a Strain Gauge based on Thermoplastic Nanocomposite for Drug Delivery Systems

Goffredo, Rosa ;   Ferrone, Andrea ;   Maiolo, Luca ;   Pecora, Alessandro ;   Accoto, Dino

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systemsImplantable systems

In this paper we present a miniature electrolytic pump sensorized with a novel strain sensor to be used as active component of a drug…

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A Smart Pill for Drug Delivery with Sensing Capabilities

Goffredo, Rosa ;   Accoto, Dino ;   Santonico, Marco ;   Pennazza, Giorgio ;   Guglielmelli, Eugenio

Tags Design and developmentPhysiological monitoring devicesPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systems

In this paper a novel system for local drug delivery is described. The actuation principle of the micropump used for drug delivery relies on…

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A Theoretical Framework for Studying the Electromagnetic Stimulation of Nervous Tissue

Accoto, Dino ;   Valentini, Simona ;   Portaccio, Iacopo ;   Guglielmelli, Eugenio

Tags Neural stimulationNeural stimulation – Peripheral & spinalNeural interfaces – Implantable systems

In this paper we present a model for calculating the electric field, and its spatial derivatives, produced by arbitrarily shaped, oriented and…

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Self-Entrainment to Optimal Gaits of an Underactuated Biomimetic Swimming Robot using Adaptive Frequency Oscillators

Alessi, Alessio ;   Accoto, Dino ;   Guglielmelli, Eugenio

Tags Biologically inspired locomotionBiomimetic roboticsMachine learning and control in biorobotics

Underactuated compliant swimming robots are characterized by a simple mechanical structure, capable to mimic the body undulation of many fish…

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