Dependence of Gait Parameters on Height in Typically Developing Children

Agostini, Valentina ;   Nascimbeni, Alberto ;   Di Nardo, Francesco ;   Fioretti, Sandro ;   Burattini, Laura ;   Knaflitz, Marco

Tags Human performance – GaitRehabilitation – Locomotion

In clinical gait analysis is fundamental to have available normative data, to be used as a reference in the interpretation of pathological…

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Developing Medical Device Software in Compliance with Regulations

Zema, Maddalena ;   Rosati, Samanta ;   Gioia, Virginia ;   Knaflitz, Marco ;   Balestra, Gabriella

Tags Design and developmentProduct development processSafety

In the last decade, the use of information technology (IT) in healthcare has taken a growing role. In fact, the adoption of an increasing…

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The Occurrence Frequency: A Suitable Parameter for the Evaluation of the Myoelectric Activity during Walking

Di Nardo, Francesco ;   Agostini, Valentina ;   Knaflitz, Marco ;   Mengarelli, Alessandro ;   Maranesi, Elvira ;   Burattini, Laura ;   Fioretti, Sandro

Tags Signal processing in physiological systems

Many studies have recently addressed the quantification of the natural variability of myoelectric activity during walking, considering hundreds…

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