Cough Detection through Mechanomyographic Signal in Synchronized Respiratory Electrical Stimulation Systems

Costa, Taisa Daiana da ;   Nogueira-Neto, Guilherme ;   Nohama, Percy

Tags Rehabilitation – Spinal injuryRehabilitationRehabilitation – Cardiorespiratory

Synchronization of transcutaneous functional electrical stimulation (TFES) with the spontaneous inspiration and expiration phases is a new…

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Treatment for Neuropathic Pain and Chronic Inflammation using LASER in Animal Models

Nohama, Percy ;   Erthal, Vanessa

Tags Health technology management and assessmentClinical testing/clinical trialsNeural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)

The ST36 (Zusanli) acupuncture point is used to treat inflammatory processes, pain and gastrointestinal disturbs. For this reason, the aim of…

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