Kinematic Reconstruction of the Human Arm Joints in Robot-Aided Therapies with Hermes Robot

Bertomeu-Motos, Arturo ;   Morales, Ricardo, Ricardo ;   Lledó Pérez, Luís Daniel ;   Díez Pomares, Jorge ;   Catalán Orts, Jose María ;   Garcia-Aracil, Nicolas

Tags Biomechanics and robotics: clinical evaluation in rehabilitation and orthopedicsDesign and development of robots for human-robot interactionBiomechanics and robotics in physical exercise

This paper presents a kinematic reconstruction algorithm for the variables of the human arm joints in robot-aided neurorehabilitation…

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Robotic Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation: Randomized Study as a Joint Tool to Inpatient Rehabilitation in Subacute Stroke

Ezquerro García, Santiago ;   Lledó Pérez, Luís Daniel ;   Díez Pomares, Jorge ;   Bertomeu-Motos, Arturo ;   Sabater-Navarro, Jose Maria ;   Garcia-Aracil, Nicolas ;   García Manzanares, María Dolores

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation – RoboticsRehabilitation – Stroke

This paper presents an experimental study of the effects of the robot-aided neurorehabilitation therapies in the upper limbs with PUPArm…

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