Assessing the Quality and Symmetry of the Interface Stiffness between Above-Knee Amputees and Prostheses

Fey, Nicholas ;   Kuiken, Todd

Tags Wearable robotic systems: prostheticsRobotics: prosthetics

We developed a technique to compute the mechanical stiffness of the interface connecting lower-limb prostheses and the residual limb of…

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Design and Preliminary Testing of the RIC Hybrid Knee Prosthesis

Lenzi, Tommaso ;   Sensinger, Jonathon W. ;   Lipsey, Jim ;   Hargrove, Levi ;   Kuiken, Todd

Tags Motor neuroprostheses – ProsthesesRehabilitation – LocomotionRehabilitation – Robotics

We present a novel hybrid knee prosthesis that uses a motor, transmission and control system only for active dynamics tasks, while relying on…

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Real-Time Simultaneous Myoelectric Control by Transradial Amputees using Linear and Probability-Weighted Regression

Smith, Lauren ;   Kuiken, Todd ;   Hargrove, Levi

Tags Motor neuroprostheses – ProsthesesMotor neuroprosthesesRehabilitation

Regression-based prosthesis control using surface electromyography (EMG) has demonstrated real-time simultaneous control of multiple degrees…

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