Acute Peripheral Nerve Signal Recording using Flexible Penetrating Microelectrode Array Integrated with Interconnection Cable

Byun, Donghak ;   Oh, Keonghwan ;   Yoo, Minsu ;   Song, Kang-Il ;   Min, Joongkee ;   Kim, Sohee

Tags Neural interfaces – Implantable systemsNeural interfaces – Microsystems and microfabricationNeural interfaces – Microelectrode technology

In the present study, we demonstrate the feasibility of the flexible penetrating microelectrode arrays integrated with interconnection cables…

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An Implantable Wireless Optogenetic Stimulation System for Peripheral Nerve Control

Song, Kang-Il ;   Park, Sunghee ;   Kim, Myoung-Soo ;   Joo, Chulmin ;   Kim, Yongjun ;   Suh, Jun-Kyo ;   Hwang, Dosik ;   Youn, Inchan

Tags Neural interfaces – Implantable systemsMotor neuroprosthesesNeural stimulation

An implantable wireless optogenetic stimulation system with an LED-based optical stimulation cuff electrode was developed for peripheral nerve…

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Characteristics of the Neuronal Firing Patterns in the Subthalamic Nucleus with Graded Dopaminergic Cell Loss in the Nigrostriatal Pathway

Park, Sunghee ;   Song, Kang-Il ;   Suh, Jun-Kyo ;   Youn, Inchan

Tags Brain physiology and modeling – Neural circuitsNeural signal processingNeurological disorders – Mechanisms

The aim of this study was to evaluate the neuronal firing changes in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) in a graded mouse model of Parkinson’s…

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Fabrication and Characterization of Stimulus Nerve Cuff Electrode with Highly Roughened Surface for Chronic Implant

Lee, Yi Jae ;   Song, Kang-Il ;   Kang, Ji Yoon ;   Lee, Soo Hyun

Tags Neural stimulationNeural stimulation – Peripheral & spinalNeural interfaces – MEMS methods for guided growth

Nerve cuff electrodes for peripheral nerve prostheses are required chronically implanted electrodes which simultaneously stimulate and record…

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