A Feature Design Framework for Hardware Efficient Neural Spike Sorting

Sokolic, Jure ;   Zamani, Majid ;   Demosthenous, Andreas ;   Rodrigues, Miguel R. D.

Tags Biomedical signal classificationPrincipal component analysis

We propose a feature design framework that con- siders simultaneously performance and computational complex- ity. In particular, we…

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A Figure of Merit for Neural Electrical Stimulation Circuits

Kolbl, Florian ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Neural stimulationNeural interfaces – Implantable systems

Electrical stimulators are widely used in neuroprostheses. Many different implementations exist. However, no quantitative ranking criterion is…

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Design of a Wideband CMOS Impedance Spectroscopy ASIC Analog Front-End for Multichannel Biosensor Interfaces

Valente, Virgilio ;   Jiang, Dai ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Integrated sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systemsChemical sensors and systems

This paper presents the preliminary design and simulation of a flexible and programmable analog front-end (AFE) circuit with current and…

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Efficiency Optimization of Class-D Biomedical Inductive Wireless Power Transfer Systems by Means of Frequency Adjustment

Schormans, Matthew James ;   Valente, Virgilio ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Implantable systemsWireless sensors and systems

Inductive powering for implanted medical devices is a commonly employed technique, that allows for implants to avoid more dangerous methods…

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Optimization of a Wearable Pudendal Nerve Stimulator using Computational Models

Nasrollahy Shiraz, Arsam ;   Leaker, Brian ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Neural stimulation – Peripheral & spinalRehabilitation – Spinal injuryNeural stimulation

After spinal cord injury, lower urinary tract functions may be disrupted. Trans-rectal stimulation of the pudendal nerve may enable patients…

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Patient Specific Parkinson’s Disease Detection for Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation

Mohammed, Ameer ;   Zamani, Majid ;   Bayford, Richard H. ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Biomedical signal classificationNeural networks in biosignal processing and classificationClosed loop systems in physiological systems

Continuous deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients results in side effects and shortening of the pacemaker battery life….

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Simple Compensation Circuits Realisation for Interference Reduction in the Entire Band of Neural Tripolar Recordings

Zehra, Syeda Sabeeka ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Motor neuroprostheses – ProsthesesMotor neuroprosthesesNeural interfaces – Tissue-electrode interface

— Simple 2 and 3 stages RC compensation circuits are presented for minimizing myoelectric interference in neural recording systems. The…

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Wireless Optical Sensing System for the Detection of Infectious Diseases at the Point of Care

Pilavaki, Evdokia ;   Parolo, Claudio ;   McKendry, Rachel ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Mobile healthLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiologyWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

A handheld, wireless optical sensing system for the detection of infectious diseases at the point of care is presented. The battery powered…

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