A 512-Channels, Whole Array Readout, CMOS Implantable Probe for Acute Recordings from the Brain

Angotzi, Gian Nicola ;   Malerba, Mario ;   Zucca, Stefano ;   Berdondini, Luca

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyIntegrated sensor systemsImplantable technologies

The integration of implantable CMOS neural probes with thousands of simultaneously recording microelec- trodes is a promising approach for…

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Challenges and Perspectives for Large-Scale Neuronal Recordings with CMOS Multielectrode Arrays

Maccione, Alessandro ;   Angotzi, Gian Nicola ;   Nieus, Thierry ;   Di Marco, Stefano ;   Malerba, Mario ;   Lonardoni, Davide ;   Zordan, Stefano ;   Amin, Hayder ;   Berdondini, Luca

Tags Neural interfaces – Bioelectric sensorsNeural interfaces – Microelectrode technologyBrain physiology and modeling – Neural circuits

The development of neurotechnologies able to simultaneously record spiking activity from a very large number of single neurons is a major…

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High-Density MEA Recordings Unveil the Dynamics of Bursting Events in Cell Cultures

Lonardoni, Davide ;   Di Marco, Stefano ;   Amin, Hayder ;   Maccione, Alessandro ;   Berdondini, Luca ;   Nieus, Thierry

Tags Neural signal processingNeural interfaces – Microelectrode technologyNeural signals – Nonlinear analysis

High density multielectrode arrays (MEAs) based on CMOS technology (CMOS-MEAs) can simultaneously record extracellular spiking activity in…

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Investigating Cell Culture Dynamics Combining High Density Recordings with Dimensional Reduction Techniques

Nieus, Thierry ;   Di Marco, Stefano ;   Maccione, Alessandro ;   Amin, Hayder ;   Berdondini, Luca

Tags Neural signal processingNeural signals – Blind source separation (PCA, ICA, etc.)Neural signals – Information theory

High density multielectrode array recordings with CMOS-MEAs allow to monitor cell culture activity with un- precedent details respect to…

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