Easy Extraction of Blood Pressure Variability from Body Video Images using Simulink

Yoshizawa, Makoto ;   Sugita, Norihiro ;   Abe, Makoto ;   Obara, Kazuma ;   Tanaka, Akira ;   Homma, Noriyasu ;   Yambe, Tomoyuki

Tags HRV and blood pressure monitoringPulse transit timeCardiovascular signal processing

A system using Simulink (MathWorks, Inc.) has been developed to obtain the instantaneous phase difference (PD) between two…

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Effect of Valsalva in the Pulmonary Prosthetic Conduit Valve on Hemodynamic Function in a Mock Circulatory System

Tsuboko, Yusuke ;   Shiraishi, Yasuyuki ;   Yamada, Akihiro ;   Yambe, Tomoyuki

Tags Artificial heart and valves and TAVIPulmonary hemodynamicsCardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

Pulmonary conduit valves are used as one of the surgical treatment methods of congenital heart diseases. We have been designing a…

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Suppression of Angiogenesis by Electric Stimulation using Ultra-Flexible and Ultra-Thin Electrodes

Inoue, Yusuke ;   Sekino, Masaki ;   Yokota, Tomoyuki ;   Sekitani, Tsuyoshi ;   Saito, Itsuro ;   Isoyama, Takashi ;   Abe, Yusuke ;   Yambe, Tomoyuki ;   Someya, Takao

Tags Cardiovascular regenerationCardiovascular structureVascular mechanics

The purpose is to observe angiogenesis in vivo under application of electric stimulations. We developed an implantable device equipped with a…

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