Reconstruction of Neural Network Topology using Spike Train Data: Small-World Features of Hippocampal Network

She, Qi ;   So, Ka Yan ;   Chan, Rosa H. M.

Tags Brain physiology and modeling – Neural circuitsBrain physiology and modeling – Neuron modeling and simulationBrain physiology and modeling – Neural dynamics and computation

As the amount of experimental data made publicly accessible has gradually increased in recent years, it is now possible to reconsider many of…

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Recruitment of Small Synergistic Movement Makes a Good Pianist

Jelfs, Beth ;   Zhou, Shengli ;   Wong, Bernard K. Y. ;   Tin, Chung ;   Chan, Rosa H. M.

Tags Motor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsNeuromuscular systems – Computational modelingHuman performance – Modelling and prediction

Time-varying synergies from kinematic data can be used to discern fundamental patterns of movement. We show through simultaneous extraction…

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