Adaptive Removal of Motion Artifacts in Biopotential Measurements by using the Power-Line Interference

Xu, Lin ;   Rooijakkers, Michael Johannes ;   Peuscher, Jan ;   Rabotti, Chiara ;   Mischi, Massimo

Tags Adaptive filteringSignal processing in physiological systems

This study presents a novel adaptive filtering method for motion artefact removal, which does not require an additional sensor nor any signal…

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Analysis of Uterine Activity in Nonpregnant Women by Electrohysterography: A Feasibility Study

Rabotti, Chiara ;   Sammali, Federica ;   Kuijsters, Nienke Pertronella Maria ;   Kortenhorst, Madeleine Susanne Quirine ;   Schoot, Benedictus Christiaan ;   Mischi, Massimo

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsSignals and systems

With an overall effectiveness below 30%, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is in urgent need for improvements, especially in view of the increasing…

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Effects of Fatigue Induced by Vibration Exercise on the H-Reflex

Sammali, Federica ;   Xu, Lin ;   Rabotti, Chiara ;   van Dijk, Johannes ;   Zwarts, Machiel ;   Del Prete, Zaccaria ;   Mischi, Massimo

Tags Human performance – FatigueNeural stimulation – Peripheral & spinalNeuromuscular systems – Peripheral mechanisms

Vibration exercise (VE) has been suggested as an effective methodology to improve muscle strength and power performance, as well as to…

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Electrohysterographic Detection of Uterine Contractions in Term Pregnancy

Bajlekov, Galin Ivanov ;   Rabotti, Chiara ;   Oei, S. Guid ;   Mischi, Massimo

Tags Biomedical signal classification

Uterine-contraction detection is a fundamental component of pregnancy monitoring. Electrohysterography (EHG) provides a non-invasive and…

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The Development of an Obstetric Tele-Monitoring System

Vermeulen-Giovagnoli, Barbara ;   Peters, Christiaan Hendrik Leonard ;   van der Hout-van der Jagt, Beatrijs ;   Mischi, Massimo ;   van Pul, Carola ;   Cottaar, Ward ;   Oei, S. Guid

Tags TelemedicineeHealthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

Fetal growth restriction and preterm uterine contractions can turn a normal pregnancy into a problematic one. In previous work, we have…

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