A 3D Learning Playground for Potential Attention Training in ADHD: A Brain Computer Interface Approach

Ali, Abdulla ;   Puthusserypady, Sadasivan

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceBrain functional imaging – Evoked potentialsRehabilitation – Cognition

This paper presents a novel brain-computer-interface (BCI) system that could potentially be used for enhancing the attention ability of…

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A Brain Computer Interface for Robust Wheelchair Control Application based on Pseudorandom Code Modulated Visual Evoked Potential

Mohebbi, Ali ;   Engelsholm, Signe Katrine Dybbro ;   Puthusserypady, Sadasivan ;   Kjaer, Troels Wesenberg ;   Thomsen, Carsten Eckhart ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Biomedical signal classification

In this pilot study, a novel and minimalistic Brain Computer Interface (BCI) based wheelchair control application was developed. The system was…

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ECG De-Noising: A Comparison between EEMD-BLMS and DWT-NN Algorithms

Jensen, Søren ;   Kærgaard, Kevin ;   Puthusserypady, Sadasivan

Tags Adaptive filteringNeural networks in biosignal processing and classificationEmpirical mode decomposition in biosignal analysis

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a widely used non-invasive method to study the rhythmic activity of the heart and thereby to detect the…

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