A Bidirectional Brain-Machine Interface Connecting Alert Rodents to a Dynamical System

Boi, Fabio ;   Semprini, Marianna ;   Mussa-Ivaldi, Ferdinando ;   Panzeri, Stefano ;   Vato, Alessandro

Tags Neural stimulationMotor neuroprosthesesBrain-computer/machine interface

We present a novel experimental framework that implements a bidirectional brain-machine interface inspired by the operation of the spinal cord…

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A Body-Machine Interface for Training Selective Pelvis Movements in Stroke Survivors: A Pilot Study

Summa, Susanna ;   Pierella, Camilla ;   Giannoni, Psiche ;   Sciacchitano, Alessio ;   Iacovelli, Selene ;   Farshchiansadegh, Ali ;   Mussa-Ivaldi, Ferdinando ;   Casadio, Maura

Tags Rehabilitation – StrokeMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

The body-machine interfaces (BMIs) map the subjects’ movements into the low dimensional control space of external devices to reach assistive…

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Body-Machine Interfaces as Tool for Rehabilitative Intervention after Spinal Cord Injury

Pierella, Camilla ;   De Luca, Alice ;   Tasso, Elisa ;   Cervetto, Federica ;   Gamba, Simona ;   Losio, Luca ;   Venegoni, Anna ;   Mandraccia, Sergio ;   Muller, Ingeborg ;   Massone, Antonino ;   Mussa-Ivaldi, Ferdinando ;   Casadio, Maura

Tags Neural interfaces – Body interfacesRehabilitation – Wearable systemsRehabilitation – Spinal injury

This study is a preliminary test for the use the body machine interfaces (BMI) as a tool for clinical rehabilitative intervention following…

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