Automatic and Robust Single-Camera Specular Highlight Removal in Cardiac Images

Alsaleh, Samar ;   Aviles, Angelica Ivone ;   Sobrevilla, Pilar ;   Casals, Alicia ;   Hahn, James

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisImage reconstruction – fast algorithmsImage enhancement

In computer-assisted beating heart surgeries, accurate tracking of the heart’s motion is of huge importance and there is a continuous need…

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Compliant Gait Assistance Triggered by User Intention

Rajasekaran, Vijaykumar ;   Aranda, Joan ;   Casals, Alicia

Tags Wearable robotic systems: orthoticsAssistive and cognitive robotics in rehabilitationHardware and control developments in rehabilitation robotics

An automatic gait initialization strategy based on user intention sensing in the context of rehabilitation with a lower-limb wearable robot is…

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Force-Feedback Sensory Substitution using Supervised Recurrent Learning for Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Aviles, Angelica Ivone ;   Alsaleh, Samar ;   Sobrevilla, Pilar ;   Casals, Alicia

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryHaptics in robotic surgerySurgical robotics

The lack of force feedback is considered one of the major limitations in Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgeries. Since add-on sensors are…

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The Impact of Visual Feedback on the Motor Control of the Upper-Limb

Urra, Oiane ;   Casals, Alicia ;   Jané, Raimon

Tags Rehabilitation – StrokeNeuromuscular systems – EMG processing and applicationsNeurological disorders – Stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability with upper-limb hemiparesis being one of the most frequent consequences. Given that stroke only…

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